3 Ways Attorney SEO Can Help Your Website Get Noticed

attorney seo

Attorney SEO can give your website a boost in search rankings. Search engines attribute more credibility to higher ranked websites. This means consumers are more likely to click an organic link instead of a paid one. The use of authoritative content lends credibility to your law firm and increases the likelihood of a client booking a consultation. Listed below are three ways attorney SEO can help your website get noticed. They are: a) Free, low-cost, and easy to implement.

Google’s algorithm, RankBrain, evaluates search results, and tries to find the true search intent of the end user. That means that it will rank directory pages and FAQ pages differently than your firm’s website. When a searcher looks for a car accident attorney, for example, they want to read a guide or compare firms. In order to rank highly in these search results, your website should reflect the same needs as the searcher.

Google has also changed the way it prioritizes results, and people are increasingly ignoring geographic modifiers. Instead, they want to see results from home, so they will likely leave off the geographic modifier. Google also considers search history and demographics. This means that most people do not use explicit keywords when searching. Unless you live in a city, most people will not type in “lawyer,” “lawyer” or “lawyer.”