These simple SEO tips may increase your web traffic

A backlink is one of the add on the search engine, but that does not mean you are just busy looking for backlinks and neglect the contents of your blog. It would be better if you stay focused on your blog and create quality SEO content to be able to see visitors with so backlinks will come by itself.

Furthermore, the speed of our website is also included in the calculation of the value made by Google algorithm, if our website will slowly affect your SEO course.

Besides, do you have a social media account? If you do, then take advantage of it to promote your website, so your business blog can be known to many people. Because this is also included in the strategy of promoting your blog.

Finally, Ditch your large expectations if your website is not mobile friendly. It’s because at the beginning of 2015 google launched google mobile, and Google mobile is also an important factor in the assessment algorithm conducted google.

No need to be confused to create a web or online store that is mobile friendly, you can order through server website development services, and you just wait, after that, you can run your website.