These 4 SEO mistakes can turn your website into a graveyard

Already feel doing the right SEO but blog buddies are still empty visitors like a cemetery? If so, then chances are you use SEO techniques that are less precise so that your blog is difficult to compete in search engines.

Well to find out if you are using the correct or wrong SEO techniques, please listened to a list of 4 mistakes in SEO that made a lot of websites ran out of visitors.

1. Ignoring the basics of SEO

Just a few weeks of learning SEO, but have learned obscure techniques like pyramid links, link wheels, drunk gods links, troubled links, and so forth without really understanding some basic things about SEO.

Quite important to understand what exactly is SEO, what is blackhat and whitehat SEO, what is backlinks, how search engines work, how Google Algorithm works, and so forth.

If we learn SEO is not from basic then when we use SEO techniques is not clear and the technique is no longer working, then the edges we will be confused.

2. Forgetting the keyword research

Not doing keyword research is the most common mistake made by beginners. Do not be surprised if your blog is quiet visitors even though your blog is in the top position of search engines. That’s because you did not do proper keyword research.

3. Creating the random content

Selection of the right keywords alone is not enough, we also need to create content that is really qualified to be liked by Google.

Creating quality content is also not just for Google, but also for our blog readers because that’s the main purpose.

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4. Not optimizing the title and meta description

Most beginner SEOers just think of how to be in the top position of search engines regardless of how their blogs appear in search engines.

It’s useless if your blog appears in the top position but the title and description of your blog do not attract the attention of Google users to click it.