Beginners must avoid these SEO mistakes

For SEO bloggers may not sound unfamiliar. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to optimize a page in search results. The wrong SEO techniques will impact your blog traffic that will not increase because it is difficult to compete in search results. There are some SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided Beginners for blogs that are managed to continue to grow.

Beginners must avoid these SEO mistakes

Maybe some SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided These beginners can be your reference to further explore the science of SEO itself. Here are some Beginners Blogger Mistakes for SEO techniques

Not Starting From The Basics

SEO Mistakes That Should Be Avoided The next beginner is they do not learn SEO from the bottom but instead want to go straight to the high stages like pyramid links, Link Wheels, and others. If not studying the early stages would be difficult.

Because of the lack of knowledge possessed to apply high SEO techniques. Just like when you go to school you must go to primary school first and then increase to junior high, high school and college level. This also includes very frequent errors in SEO Techniques.

Busy Find Backlink

Average budding bloggers will be busy fixing the look and looking for backlinks to be number 1 in the search results. Finding backlinks does not matter but Do not do it the wrong way. Suppose with Blogwalking and leave a live link in the comment field.

No Learning from the experts

The next mistake is they are shy and reluctant to ask other bloggers who are more understanding of SEO. Demand science on bloggers who have proven experience in the world of bloggers. Indeed, SEO tutorials are very much scattered in google search results.

But you do not immediately believe that their ways are the best and effective. Do not easily believe in seo tutorials from bloggers that are unclear and unproven. Because it is better to ask the more understanding to better understand and the effect is good for your blog.

Make Site Checker As Reference

This is something that often happens to a blogger. Average bloggers make checker sites such as check me, Pagerank checker, SEO checker and others. this as the main reference in terms of seo when the results of the checker site are not necessarily accurate.

Since SEO cannot be assessed by the score, Google determines the ranking of a page with at least 200 Rating factors. As for the checker site itself only a small part so that the accuracy of the results is not proven.